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My collection consists of antique keris, kris, mandau, pedang and other traditional weapons of the Indonesian archipelago. Beside the items displayed on this page my collection consists of 240 kris, keris and other weapons like pedang, rencon, podang, peurise, parang etc. 

Please feel free to contact me if you are looking to purchase any antique weapon from Indonesia. 

Payment methods / Betaalmethodes:

I accept Paypal payments and all major credit cards. If you would prefer to pay in another way please send me a message via the Chat button and I will facilitate you gladly.

Ik accepteer PayPal-betalingen en alle credit cards. Als u liever op een andere manier wilt betalen, stuur me dan s.v.p. een bericht via de Chat knop en ik help u dan graag verder.


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