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Sujen Ampel keris, kris - Wila with a rare pamor Sekar Lampes - Pajajaran era (12th century) - Beautiful Putra Satu pendok -Waranka made of wood Pelet Sampir.


The wilah of this old keris is from the Pajajaran era (12th century). It is forged with a rare Sekar Lampes motif. Keris with Pamor Sekar Lampes is great for people who feel like they want to have more influence in their social life and the workplace. This pamor has mystical abilities that greatly increase the authority its owner. The power of Pamor Sekar Lampes is comparable to that of Pamor Tumpal Keli combined with strong authority. Model,

the shape and description of this pamora motif is reminiscent of a flower thread similar to Sekar Anggrek.


In addition to the rare pamor, the wilah is forged by the name of Sujen Ampel dapur (shape).

A beautiful Putra Satu handle adorns the top of the keris.



Dapur: Sugen Ampel

Pamor: Sekar Lampes

Tanggu: Pajajaran (12th century)

Varanka: Gayaman Lugu

Kayu: Pelet Sampir



Total length with scabbard: 51cm.

Scabbard length: 43 cm.

Maximum sheath width: 16 cm.

Maximum sheath thickness: 20mm

Keris length: 46cm.

Sujen Ampel kris, keris

€ 390,00Price
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