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Keris Jimat Putut Kembar – Pajajaran-era (12th century) – Wilah with dapur Putut Kembar and pamor Sumur Bandung – Very detailed Sandang Walikat sheath.

(Article number: 1735)


This keris Jimat has two human forms in the place of the gandik. It is said to have been made by a master named Omyang who lived during the Majapahit kingdom. Since this kris was quite famous in its time, it is not surprising that even today many people are still looking for this pusaka. The reason this keris is so loved is because this keris brings many benefits to the owner, namely as a means of finding income that keeps flowing, as an heirloom used as an inheritance, making it easier to pay off debts. to pay, a means of facilitating the return of capital, as a custodian against bankruptcies, and so on, especially to facilitate business.


Among Keris aficionados, Umyang's cuisine is interpreted more as an isoteric occult object intertwined with the world of shamanism. Most of the devotees of this dapur are businessmen or merchants. If we look more closely, we can explore the many philosophical values ​​of this double putut keris instead of just hoping for fortune from inanimate objects.



Dapur: Putut Kembar – 3 Luk

Pamor: Sumur Bandung

Tangguh: Pajajaran (12th century)

Warangka: Sandang Walikat            

Kayu: Sonokeling



Total length: 28cm.

Length of the Keris: 25,5cm.

Length of the Wilah: 16cm.


Keris jimat - putut kembar - pamor Sumur Bandung - tangguh pajajaran

€ 195,00Price
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