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Antique Bali keris, kris – Bali abad XVIII-era (17th century) – Wilah with Sepaner Robyong dapur, Bendo Segodo and Raja Gundolo pamor – Sesumpingan warangka of Trembalo wood.


This antique Bali keris dates from the Bali abad XVIII-era (17th century).


The ancient wilah is forged to Sepaner Robyong dapur (shape). Sempaner comes from the word Sempana Bener or Sumpena Bener literally means straight dream come true. In a deeper sense, Sempaner Dhapur contains a message of wishful thinking, hopes and ideals. And if the desire is based on a correct understanding, it will become a reality. People should align their desires, ideals and goals with their abilities and potential. In other words, people must be able to measure the limits of their possibilities, not only feel capable, but possess sufficient knowledge and skills to realize them. Persevering to achieve things is also essential. Persevering people are unaffected by the temptations and criticisms of others. Perseverance makes you happy and satisfied. People around you who also notice this will also be happy and show respect. A Sempaner keris possesses supernatural powers that will give the owner perseverance so that his goals and ideals are realized.


Besides the striking dapur the keris is forged with pamor Bendo Segodo. The Bendo Segodo pamor motif is formed by a series of pamor spheres linked together in groups arranged on the Wilah from top to bottom. It possesses magical powers that make it easier for the owner to generate income or even become particularly wealthy. This pamor is therefore much sought after by traders and business people. What is the true meaning of bendo? The meaning is bendo as big as a club. Bendo here does not mean the same as 'things' or in Indonesian means 'goods', but is the name of a plant or tree. In Sundanese, the benda plant is called cariu (a type of climbing plant whose fruit resembles a petai but is much larger, its contents used for cooking). Javanese people usually call things they consider larger than the average size a segadha. Pamor Bendo Segodo is very popular with keris collectors. The shape of pamor motif is formed by pamor spheres arranged in tightly arranged groups all over the wilah. Bendo Sagodo is classified as a pear pamor, namely a pamor pre-designed by Empu. A keris with Bendodo Sagodo pamor possesses magical powers that bring good luck, which will make it easier for its owner to find great wealth and achieve many results. Hence, this pamor is sought after by merchants and entrepreneurs. Pamor Bendo Segodo is a form of Pamor Mlumah and Rekan.


The wilah is housed in a Sesumpingan warangka of Trembalo wood.


Dapur: Sepaner Robyong
Pamor: Bendo Segodo

Tangguh: Bali abad XVIII-era (17th century)

Warangka: Sesumpingan

Kayu: Trembalo


Blade length 47cm

Dapur: Sepaner Robyong

Pamor Bendo Segodo and Raja Gundolo

Antique Bali keris

€ 500,00Price
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